Skin Health & Sugaring Clinic


Education is Key, Ours and Yours.

 At Plume we love to keep learning. Advancements in education and expansion of our skills leads to improved care of our clients and long lasting results.   

This is an exciting time to in the industry of 'Skin Health'. 

With the ongoing research in the world of science as to how the human body works and responds to challenges it faces, this gives us the ability to understand where and how we may influence positive outcomes. 

Environmental factors, lifestyle, diet and exercise and of course mental and emotional stresses, can all contribute to the toll on the body and how it responses.

Getting back to basics still seems too be the most effective way to recalibrate, recharge and help our systems get back on track. This is our go-to mode in assist clients understand and improve the health and function of the skin.

Thorough consultation and discussion to get the whole story, using the best diagnostic imaging equipment to measure and record the behaviour of the skin are important in planning the appropriate steps forward.

Customising a home skincare routine and in-clinic programs, along with reviewing lifestyle, we work on all the little things that can be implemented to create positive change, longterm.

With the ongoing support and education from the company's we choose to work with, we gain a greater understanding of the products they develop and how we can implement them into best practise and achieving optimal results.

The cells and systems that make up our body can often, with help, be improved and repair, leading to better function. This means we feel and look the best we can.

With continual learning and understanding more of the complexities of our body’s systems, we improved the ways to help you get the skin you want.

Healthier, glowing and more beautiful skin.

Janet Muller