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How to Help your Skin Transition into Summer

Summer is almost here! Well, in Brisbane it has felt like summer, winter and monsoon season all rolled into one this last week – but the weather man has assured us that warmer and sunnier weather is on the way. 

Since we’re about to head into one of the trickiest times for skin health, we’re dedicating today’s blog to all things summer – specifically, how to help your skin transition into the new season and survive. 

You might have heard some of these tips before, but we all need a reminder to take the best care of our skin!

  1. Wear SPF when spending time in the sun. But, not all sunscreen is created equal. We recommend sunscreens based on zinc oxide which is a physical barrier against the sun, but it also needs to be applied BEFORE you go out into the sun (10 minutes, if possible) to give it time to activate. Your skin also needs to be dry when you apply your sunscreen – don’t reapply to wet skin straight out of the pool or the surf. 

  2. Choose the times of day you are outside. As much as possible, protect your skin by avoiding being outside during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest. 

  3. Cover up! Not only will wearing hats, sunglasses and protective clothing prevent sun damage, they will also prevent wrinkles from squinting.

  4. Add an antioxidant to your skincare regime – We love to boost our serum blends with Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin C Liposome for extract protection from the elemennts. Skincare is seasonal too! 

  5. Pop your Dermaviduals Face Tonic in the fridge. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold mist during a hot summer day!

If you need additional help supporting your skin through this summer seasonal change, book your facial today.

Claire Deane