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How to Look After your Skin After a Workout

You made it to the gym – congratulations! But now your face is red, you’re a sweaty mess (especially in this Brisbane heat!) and you need to get presentable, fast. 


Sweating is a great way to detoxify your skin and getting to the gym regularly will definitely contribute to a healthy complexion, as long as you treat your skin properly after you work out. We’ve got a few tips for how to be a gym junkie AND have beautiful skin:

  1. Prevention is better than cure – make sure you exercise without makeup on. If you’re working out straight from the office be sure to wash your face with a mild cleanser first to remove your makeup. We love the Cleansing Milk from Dermaviduals for its gentleness while still being able to remove makeup. Remember to pull back your hair off your face so any hair products don’t end up on your skin, or better still wear Deco foundation from Dermaviduals, no nasty toxins, so you can leave it on whilst you work out!

  2. Always wash your face after you work out too. It’s no old wive’s tale that leaving sweat and dirt on your face post-gym can contribute to spots, clogged pores and irritation. Best to remove the evidence of the day as soon as you can, but don’t be tempted to use facial wipes, they can leave residue behind that will disrupt your barrier function and leave you skin sensitised. A damp, gentle micro fibre cloth will do the trick until you have the chance to cleanse properly. Ask us for the best micro fibre available .

  3. Pat your face dry. Avoid wiping your face roughly, particularly if you go red when you’re working out. Always go gently.

  4. Normal skin can be more sensitive after a workout, so keep your more intensive skincare routine for before bed time, to give your skin a chance to settle after your workout.

  5. Don’t forget to moisturise! Even after the sweatiest workout, you’ll need to replenish your skin with a gentle moisturiser. We love Base Cream High Classic by Dermaviduals. Hydrating and helps with redness!

  6. Help you skin to be more resilient by looking after it everyday with the right products. Most of us get flushed when we workout, but a speedy recovery is what we want.

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Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

Claire Deane