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What’s the right hair removal treatment for you?

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get serious about your hair removal. But there are so many options, how is a girl (or guy) to know which option is the best? We’ve broken down some of the most popular hair removal options as well as sharing which ones are our favourites!

Laser and IPL

Laser and IPL are permanent hair reduction technique that involves a concentrated beam of light creating heat in the hair follicles. It’s a permanent reduction and can  sometimes take a number of appointments before all the hair growth is reduced. The benefit of these types of treatments is that your hair will grow back much more slowly, thinner, and become very patchy. It can feel like short burst of heat, which can be minimised if you shave your hair before your appointment. Light treatments are not suitable for all skin tones, redheads and you can’t have them when you’re pregnant. You also need to steer clear if you’ve been in the sun recently and you need to stay out of the sun for a period of time following your appointment.


Electrolysis is the only permanent method of removing unwanted hair and is best for small areas such as the chin and upper lip. Also the hormonal hairs that can pop up anywhere It’s particularly effective for stubborn white hairs. A very fine disposable probe is inserted into the hair follicle and an electrical current is used to destroy the growth centre of the hair. This very safe and long standing treatment is still the only type to treat each hair individually. Feeing like the sensation of bursts of prickly heat, the number of treatments required can vary depending on the area size and the hair itself.

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One of the most common techniques for hair removal, hot wax is applied to the skin and hair is pulled out from the root. It can be painful, but results should last for a few weeks. Your hair needs to be around a centimetre long in order to get the best results and because hair is removed against the direction of the hair growth, this can lead to hair breakage which can feel stubbly.


Sugaring would have to be our favourite hair removal technique because it is hard on unwanted hairs and gentle on skin! It involves using an all natural sugar paste that is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth. The hair is then pulled out from the roots. It’s much less painless than waxing, hair only needs to be a few mm long, and you’ll end up with hair that feels thinner and softer over time. Leaving the skin less sensitised with less chance of ingrown hairs. It is also safe to use on all skin types, even redheads, pregnant women and those with varicose veins and psoriasis. Plume is one of the few Brisbane salons who offer this hair removal technique and we think it’s pretty special!

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We’re pretty sure you know all about this one, but we like to be thorough! Shaving is quick, easy, doesn’t require an appointment with your local hair removal specialist, but because it cuts the hair follicle off at the level of the skin, the hair is left blunt. This means it grows back in a few days, feels pricklier and can make hair seem thicker than it really is. It can also be tricky to shave some of those more sensitive areas like the bikini line and shaving the top layer of skin can make it reactive to products friction and vulnerable to ingrown hairs.

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Photo by RawFilm on Unsplash

Claire Deane