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Overheard at Plume: Is it better to use a ‘stand-in’ cleanser while travelling?

Recently, one of our regular clients mentioned that she had run out of the cleansing milk we recommend she use daily, whilst travelling inter-state. Since she wasn’t far off returning home, she replaced the cleansing milk with a chemist brand cleanser for about 2 days.

Is it better to use a stand in cleanser while travelling?

When she came to see us next, she was having a few problems with her skin, which we were able to trace back to the cleanser she’d used – her skin didn’t like it very much at all! Once we identified what was causing the issue, we were able to get her back on track and using what she knew worked.

If you find yourself in a similar situation this holiday period, instead of heading for the chemist, we would recommend cleansing with just water and maybe a soft micro-fibre cloth. If you have some filtered or bottled water this is even better – while it sounds crazy, it’s fewer chemicals for your skin to deal with! The reason we prefer water to some of the typical cleansers on the market is that they are choc full of the things we like to avoid – foaming agents, preservatives and things that are designed to give you that soapy texture and squeaky-clean feeling. These ingredients damage the skin barrier, leaving you open to irritation.

We have a full range of convenient travel sized products, so you can stock up and never run short on the good stuff!

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Claire Deane