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Overheard at Plume: Why does my skin constantly feel dry?

We are often told by new clients that their skin feels dry and they need to moisturise constantly.

Why is my skin always so dry?

Our clients are often shocked when we tell them that their skin isn’t actually dry – this feeling is more often than not a sign that the skin barrier is compromised. Our skin barrier is the very first line of protection from the outside world and it’s this barrier that locks in moisture, so we need to keep it in the best possible condition in order for our skin to feel and look dewy.

So, what causes this break down in the skin barrier and leaves us with this dry, tight feeling? Surprisingly, ingredients in skin care products can be worst culprit for disrupting this natural protection! Emulsifiers, fragrance, preservatives, mineral oils and amines can all cause damage to the skin barrier. We always recommend corneo-therapeutic products (we love Dermaviduals) that don’t contain ingredients detrimental to the barrier and function of the skin which means our clients don’t get that dry, tight feeling that leaves them reaching for the moisturiser more often!

We can identify if your skin barrier is impaired through our Observ camera technology. This diagnostic tool pinpoints where your skin might be lacking on seven different criteria and this helps us to develop a treatment plan. More often than not, we find that when we repair the skin barrier clients see a big improvement natural function of the skin.

Want to learn more? Book in for a facial and we’ll take you through our Observ technology.

Photo by Dominik Martin on Unsplash

Claire Deane