Skin Health & Sugaring Clinic


LED is the future of better skin therapy.

Why is LED so good for you skin?

This simple, non-invasive, non-abrasive and painless treatment benefits the skin in multiple ways. LED light therapy stimulates cell regeneration and the processes that build new proteins. Encouraging our skin's the ability to heal and repair itself and stimulating the natural response the skin cells for improved function.

 Our LED device Max+ has multiple applications due to the different wavelengths having their own benefits. With 17 programmes to choose from there are treatments for all skin conditions from; to simulate collagen and elastin, reducing inflammation, speeding up healing, increased circulation and destroying acne bacteria .

When the skin functions better it can better deal with the external and internal challenges. It then simply looks better. And who doesn’t want healthy looking skin?

Why do we choose Max+ for our clinic?

Quite simply, we believe it is the best. After more than 15 years since it’s original development, the Max+ allows us to customised each and every facial treatment for what the skin requires at the time.

The robotic arm delivers a gentle sweeping from side to side allowing you to relax without a constant stream of light. The gradual delivery of energy allows the skin to have optimal response to cellular activity with out overwhelm. 

With the surface from forehead to chest receiving LED energy transfer during the treatment, it allows the face, neck and décolletage to benefit on the one treatment.

The quality of the LED, the science behind the development and the ease of use and client comfort are the key factors in choosing to work with Max+. The results and client satisfaction are the reasons we are so pleased with the decision.


Janet Muller