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Why Choose Sugaring?

When customers come to our Brisbane sugaring clinic looking for ways to remove body hair, most aren’t aware of why sugaring is less painful, longer term, more effective and a more environmentally friendly option to waxing or IPL treatments.

We love sharing with customers why we choose sugaring over other hair removal options, particularly for pregnant women, redheads and those with sensitive skin – although the benefits of sugaring also apply to the rest of us too!



First of all, what is sugaring?
Our Brisbane sugaring therapists use a salon-grade paste of sugar, water and lemon juice warmed to body temperature to avoid a burning feeling on application. The hair is then removed in the direction of hair growth by a therapist using either her hands or a spatula.

We love sugaring because:

  1. It’s less painful! While everyone’s pain threshold is different, sugaring is pulls hair at the base and because the hair is being removed in the same direction as it grows it is less likely to tear the hair at or below the skin surface. It also only adheres to the hair, and not the skin, and results in fewer ingrown hairs than other hair removal treatments.
  2. It’s better for your skin, and for the environment. Traditional wax is often made from synthetic resin, whereas sugar paste is all natural and environmentally friendly. This is often particularly important to pregnant women or those of us who want to try and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals we use on our skin.
  3. Results lasts a lot longer than waxing. Because hair is pulled out completely, and in the direction of the skin, you only need to come back every 4-6 weeks, and hair comes back less and thinner over time.
  4. It works for those who aren’t able to get IPL, like red heads, whose hair pigment is incompatible with laser hair removal.
  5. It’s more sanitary, with only one glob of sugar used for a whole area, unlike dipping a spatula back into a pot of wax.
  6. It’s a lot cheaper than laser and IPL and can offer similar results over time.
  7. It’s water soluble, meaning no sticky reside after your lunchtime appointment.
  8. Hair only needs to be a few millimetres long – no more waiting until your hair grows out before you can book an appointment.

Convinced? Book your sugaring appointment at our Brisbane salon today by calling 07 3366 1014 and get 25% off your first two treatments when you book your next appointment.