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Why We Use Oils in our Skincare Treatments


At Plume Holistic Skin Therapies, our facials and treatments use a variety of oils designed to cater to specific skin concerns. We often find that clients can be concerned that oils will leave their skin prone to breakouts or shine, but facial oils are one of the best ways to treat all skin types.

We use oils in our Brisbane skin clinic because not only do they leave skin feeling instantly softer, smoother and soften fine lines, but they also packed with essential nutrients, fatty acids and antioxidants that work wonders for skin.

Oils are particularly beneficial as we head into winter in Brisbane – wind, cold weather and increased exposure to air conditioners can leave skin chapped, irritated and flaky. Oils are a perfect antidote, delivering an immediate shot of moisture. They keep hydration locked into the skin, with some oils also help to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin barrier, perfect for keeping skin looking glowy.

However, not all oils are created equal. Different oils have different molecular properties, and some just aren’t suitable for use on your face. For example, while coconut oil can pretty much solve any problem around the home (it’s great for cooking, as an addition to your morning coffee or for moisturising your legs), it’s a comedogenic oil, which means it is more likely to block your pores and leave you with blemishes. It’s also important to avoid ‘essential oils’, which need to be properly prescribed. These fragrant oils can aggravate and sensitise the skin and need to be administered correctly. Likewise, they can be photo sensitive and exposure to sunlight should be minimised if using products with essential oils.

At Plume, we use dermaviduals oils because of the security and integrity their products have. Their oils are pure, unfiltered, non-diluted or mixed and this makes them safe to use and, we generally find, incredibly soothing on the skin.

Want to understand more about oils, and which one is right for your skin? Make an appointment for a facial at our Brisbane Clinic today.