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Plume Skincare Therapies Winter Skincare Tips


Winter is the time when most of us find our skin can be more sensitive, dry and irritated.  The environment can have an even stronger contribution to how our skin feels and looks during the cooler months, when we’re having hotter showers, covering ourselves in thicker fabrics and blasting the heating. But never fear, all isn’t lost for those three months of the year we Queenslanders experience winter – you can take extra precautions to ensure your skin stays well-nourished and hydrated all year ‘round.

  1. Don’t put your face directly under the shower stream. Not only do we take hotter showers in winter that can dry out your skin, but the direct pressure from the shower head can leave you with dilated capillaries which often show on our skin as thin red lines or redness. Our ethos is to keep the skin intact at all times and recommend avoiding excess rubbing when cleaning your skin. Your damp hands and the right cleanser are enough to remove make-up and pollutants. Keeping your skin’s barrier defence intact and strong is vital to the skin’s overall health.
  2. Have facials more regularly. Our skin experts start with an Observ consultation to see what is happening with your skin on a deeper level and work to specifically target any issues during your treatment. The extra hydration can help during this season and we’ll recommend products that are perfect for the winter season, so you can take the glow home with you. And those warm treatment rooms are bliss on a cold winter’s day.
  3. Your skin doesn’t stop at your face! It’s not just your face that can bear the brunt of the cooler weather and the change in season can result in everything from a flaky scalp to cracked heels. Stimulate dry skin with a dry body brush or a loofah and apply the right body lotion, oil or cream design to improve your skin’s health and function not just feel good. For your feet, add a pair of woolly socks before bed to help that moisture really soak in.
  4. Winter is the perfect time to get your hair removal sorted and maximise before summer returns. We use sugaring at Plume which delivers great results to keep your legs smooth without being harsh on the skin, maximise results before summer returns and the perfect skin condition treatment for the body!
  5. Remember sun protection. It is still important to cover up with hats, clothing and protect your skin by spending moderate time in the sun.
  6. Drink water to nourish and calm your skin from the inside out. It’s more difficult to get your recommended water intake during the cooler months, so try warm water with lemon or our favourite Bestow Beauty hibiscus and cinnamon tea (which you can buy at Plume) to nourish skin from the inside out.

If you feel like your skin needs a little extra TLC during the cooler months, book an appointment today.


Claire Deane