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How to prepare for your sugaring appointment at Plume


At Plume we opt for the natural hair removal practice of sugaring for all our client hair removal appointments. You can read more about why on our blog here, but in a nutshell, sugaring is often less painful, is better for your skin and gives you longer lasting results. What’s not to love?

So, when you’ve made the decision to come in to visit and have your hair ‘sugared’ what should you do to prepare and make your first appointment as stress free as possible?

Your First Appointment at Plume Holistic Skin Therapies Ashgrove Brisbane

Arrive 5-10 mins early

If it is your first time visiting us at Plume we do recommend arriving five to ten minutes early so that you can settle in, switch off and fill in our client information forms before your appointment.

A little growth is good

For your bikini, legs, arms, chest and back you want to have around half to one cm of hair (roughly one week’s worth of growth) so that the sugaring paste can attach and the hair can be removed at the roots. Don’t worry if it is longer, we’ll trim it if needed to ensure the best results.

Keep the area to be sugared clean and product-free

On the day of your appointment, avoid putting on your usual moisturiser or body oils. This can make the skin greasy and harder for the sugar to apply and attach to the skin. If you’re having your brows sugared, we’ll remove any makeup gently before we begin.

 After your first appointment, we’ll suggest a time frame before your next appointment to ensure best results are maintained. Depending on the area treated this can be around 4-6 weeks between appointments.