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What is Plume’s skincare ethos and why?


When I founded Plume, I knew I wanted to take all I had learnt from my time in previous practices and continue to work with clients’ individuals skincare concerns. I want to help a client’s skin behave the way it should with minimal intervention and simple product recommendations.

Our mission at Plume is to give our clients personalised care and customised products and treatment plans. We're an exclusive dermaviduals clinic and this means we're able to partner with a suite of products that not only match our own skincare values but offers a clear and effective approach to treating our client’s skin for the long term, not just a quick fix.

We’re able to improve the general skin health and also target particular conditions. The results speak for themselves and we regularly have clients share their delight that the products and treatments have really worked.

Our dermaviduals blending bar means we can create skincare unique for your skin's needs. 

Our dermaviduals blending bar means we can create skincare unique for your skin's needs. 

Maintaining the skin’s integrity at all times

In all of Plume’s treatments we work to keep the top layer of skin in tact at all times. Our facial treatments start with an Observ consult where we are able to take a snapshot of what is happening with the skin at that time. From hydration levels, oil production and even circulation - this steps lets us plan a truly tailored approach to a client’s skincare journey with Plume.

We don’t perform any treatments or use products that are destructive to that layer of skin (the stratum corneum). So, you won’t find a heavy exfoliation product or microdermabrasion at Plume. Instead, we have an enzyme treatment that only takes the skin ready to be removed and helps with congestion.

Our job as skincare experts is to make sure that client’s skin cell regeneration or turnover is what it should be. Due to a variety of factors most of us don’t have a normal 28-day skin cell turnover.

I like to describe our work to maintain the skin integrity as a house. If you take the roof off the house, and the tiles on the roof are no longer in tact, the occupants (in this case being the young, new skin cells that exist under the top layer of skin) are unhappy, vulnerable to irritants and damage, and unable to do what they’re meant to do. They freak out. This is where we often see clients coming to us for the first time with irritated and unhappy skin.

Looking at the skin holistically

We work with our clients skin concerns and health with topical treatments and products, however, a lot of the advice we offer also looks at ways to improve the nutrition levels in their diet, discover ways to find extra balance and relaxation in their schedule and get better quality sleep. Our skin’s health is equally influenced by what is going on inside and we are dedicated to helping our clients make a conscious choice to take care of themselves - not just during a facial treatment.

Of course, we aren’t nutritionists, exercise physiologists or psychologists and we have a network of professionals that we trust to suggest clients see if it is thought it would help support their journey.

Why dermaviduals and corneotherapy?

We believe in the delivery system dermaviduals product offers clients and how it marries with the skin. It works in unison with our skin’s natural function and naturally helps the skin do what it is supposed to.

Corneotherapy, or the protection and restoration of the stratum corneum, is at the core of dermaviduals and Plume treatments. We’re working for the overall happiness - or homeostasis - of the skin.

Likewise, the customizability of the dermaviduals range means we are able to adapt products to a client’s individual needs and as they need it.

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Claire Deane