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What is an enzyme therapy treatment?

Enzyme therapy treatments are one of our favourites at Plume. They provide just the right amount of exfoliating without causing stress or unnecessary sensitisation to the skin.

You can read more about the ethos we work to at Plume here, but in essence, we believe it is vital to always maintain the integrity of the skin’s top layer. This is why enzyme therapy is wonderful - it removes skin cells by loosening superficial cells on the skin’s surface without causing any damage to the skin itself. The treatment helps to reveal a more even skin tone and improves its ability to absorb serums and moisturisers applied after, along with the energy from our LED Max+.

It also has a preventative effect on congestion by helping to dissolve sebaceous filament (aka the excess oil and skin cells we don’t want!) while also calming the skin.

It is a treatment for all skin types and we see it give clients great results that smooth, soften, calms redness, reduces appearances of pore size, and give skin vibrancy. 

Book your first enzyme therapy treatment with Plume today (select Services and scroll to Enzyme Therapy Treatment and click on the ‘book now’ button).

Claire Deane