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Man Month: Why you should book your partner / dad / son in for a facial

We’re calling it – September is officially Man Month at Plume! We’re aware that there might not be too many men out there who are actively following our blog, so we’re putting the call out to those of you with husbands, sons, dads or friends who need a little convincing to book themselves in to treat their skin.


If the men in your life scoff at the idea of skincare, we’ve put together our 5 favourite reasons for why looking after your face is the ultimate act of masculinity.

  1. While men’s skin is tougher, that doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof. Exposure to the sun, regular shaving, and an aversion to using good quality skincare regularly can all leave your man with skin that’s desperate for some TLC. Max+ LED in particular is excellent for male skin, as it’s a supercharged treatment that delivers visible results. There’s nothing to make a man feel like something is working than to demonstrate it with obvious before and afters. Max+ LED increases micro circulation, which delivers nutrients to the skin and promotes detoxification and healing, which is perfect for damage or trauma caused by sun exposure and shaving, two of the most common issues men face.
  2. Men produce more oil, which can lead to clogged pores and blackheads. However, producing more oil doesn’t mean male skin is necessarily more oily. We can help your man identify what his skin needs using our Observ camera, which will not only appeal to the techie in him, but will also mean he’s able to fine tune his regular skincare routine for better results.
  3. Smoother skin means a smoother shave, reducing the occurrence of razor burn and sensitive skin. We We love the Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk as an all-in-one cleanser, shaving aid (instead of chemical-filled shaving gel or cream) and light weight moisturiser.
  4. They can come in at the same time as you! If your man is a little sceptical about walking into a salon on his own, make it a family fun activity and get your sugaring done while he’s under the Max+ LED.
  5. At Plume, we pride ourselves on adapting to our customers needs. So, if your man isn’t into hand massages and essential oils, we’ll make sure we offer something that’s a little more tailored. We’d recommend a scalp massage – although be aware that once he’s had one, he might start asking you to give them more often!

And the main reason why we think men should embrace seeing a skin specialist? Because they’ll actually enjoy it! Who doesn’t need a little time covered in warm towels, listening to soft music and knowing that they are doing something good for their body and soul?

Know a man that needs a little skin love? Send him our way, call or click to make a booking.


Claire Deane