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Man Month: Our Favourite Skincare Ingredients for Men (And What to Avoid)

The men in our lives are probably not known for their knowledge of skincare, and their routines could probably best be described as functional. If it’s there, they’ll wash their face with it, particularly if it foams, scrubs or strips. Men (and women too!) have been conditioned to believe that in order to get the best out of their skincare it needs to be full of ingredients that leave skin squeaky clean. However, although male skin is tougher and needs a different approach than female skin, harsh chemicals aren’t the best way to achieve a healthy glow and long term skin health. 


At Plume, we use what we believe are the best products around, Dermaviduals. Not only do they do away with the skin-stripping chemicals seen in a lot of men’s products, but they also take a customised approach to skincare. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to people, their skin, and treating their facial concerns. 

If you know the man in your life needs a skincare saviour, we’d highly recommend using products that are unique to his needs. Pilfering your products won’t necessarily get him the results he’s after, which may lead him to swearing off skincare altogether, and nobody wants that!

The Dermaviduals products we use are free from all the major nasties that can leave skin inflamed, red and damaged, including: 

  • Fragrances – these are the number one cause of irritation and we’d recommend only using products that are fragrance free, particularly when it comes to creams which penetrate into the skin.

  • Preservatives and parabens – it’s pretty common now to avoid products with parabens, as they can cause skin irritations, but preservatives in skincare can also leave his skin feeling lacklustre. This does mean you need to replace or use up your skincare before the expiry date, but if you wouldn’t eat food that’s past its prime why would you put something on your face that’s out of date?

  • Emulsifiers – very commonly found in most skincare products, emulsifiers can influence the integrity of the skin barrier and result in the loss of naturally occurring protective factors. 

  • Colours – wonder why men’s products are usually blue? Adding dyes and colours to skincare has no benefit to the skin and potential irritation.

  • Mineral Oils – these are thought to prevent water loss from the skin which can actually affect the natural ability of the skin to protect itself.

  • Silicones – these are usually found in products containing emollients and while they can leave skin feeling temporarily smooth, they aren’t doing him any favours in the long run.

  • Amines – result in stress on the skin and are best avoided. 

Now that you know what he needs to avoid to get baby-soft skin, we’d recommend a consultation so that we can tailor his skincare requirements specifically to him. While he might protest, he’ll secretly love the opportunity to be pampered! 

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Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Claire Deane