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Why custom skincare is better than off-the-shelf

As skincare specialists, we see more different types of skin than we’ve had hot dinners. It’s really not cliché to say that every clients skin is different! For us, it makes sense then to provide customised treatments for every client, rather than trying to make an off the shelf solution fit. As a result, we’ve sought out some of the best customisation products and tools available to help us diagnose and design programs for every skin type:


Observ Camera

Before we start our treatments, we use our Observ skin analysis camera to take pictures of the skin, including the dermal and epidermal layers, and it’s functions to get a really clear picture of how your skin behaves. The result is six different views of your skin, detailed enough to allow us to tailor your in-clinic experience and provide you with the tools and skills to take care of your skin at home. This also allows us to measure the condition of the skin and record the improvements moving forward.

Dermaviduals Skincare

Dermaviduals skincare provides customised skincare solutions, no matter what your skin needs. Instead of using a standard, off-the-shelf moisturiser, why not have one specifically crafted for your skin? Dermaviduals is the #1 skin correction system in Australasia.  These scientifically advanced products are free of nasty, skin challenging chemicals and they are only available in-clinic after your skin has been professionally assessed by one of our team.

Max+ LED

Our Max+ LED has 16 ‘presets’ that can be used by our team to pinpoint specific skin concerns, but if required they can also create a customised treatment just for you. This means there are infinite combinations that can be created, depending on any events you have coming up, things your skin might have reacted to, or even if you’re feeling a little run down. 

We’re big believers of customised skincare here at Plume. Book your appointment to learn more today!

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Claire Deane