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Why Red Isn’t Always Best: Targeting Skin Concerns with Max+ LED

If you’re a follower of Plume, you’ll know that we’ve been having a long love affair with Max. No, our husbands needn’t be worried, Max is the hardest working member of the Plume team, our Max+ LED device. 

Max isn’t like everyone else out there. Some of the more common and popular LED equipment is known for its use of red light, which stimulates a healing response in the skin. Exposure to this red light helps skin to renew and replenish, originally developed to treat burns and scars. 

But our Max isn’t a one-note kind of guy. Did you know there are a multitude of different light colours and wavelengths that can be used to treat different skin conditions? Today we’re sharing some of our favourites:

Violet: helps to balance acne bacteria on the skin.

Blue: relaxes muscles and promotes intercellular communication. 

Yellow: Known as the ‘glow wave’, yellow light helps to tone and tighten of muscles to give skin that red carpet ready glow.

Red: Red light speeds up healing and stimulates collagen production. Perfect for treating lines and wrinkles, you’ll walk away immediately feeling younger.

Near Infrared: For when you need to break out the big guns. This light stimulates the deeper levels of activity, promoting improved skin function and renewal.

Max has 16 ‘preset’ treatments that can be used by the Plume team to target specific skin concerns, but we can also create a customised treatment that works specifically to address your skin concerns. Max+ LED can be added to any facial treatments or booked as a stand alone for when your skin needs an extra boost!

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Claire Deane