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Relaxation- Why you need it, today and everyday.

Relaxation, there  just doesn’t seem to be enough of it these days. When there isn’t, we run the risk of never fully restoring and we end up running on empty.

We all have different ways to relax and it does take practice.

Reading, listening to music, gardening, walking the dog, they can all work to flick the switch or turn the volume down.

Some have mastered the art of mediation and truely know the benefits of slowing the mind and body. 

  • Improves blood pressure 

  • Clear the mind

  • Aid digestion 

  • Adjust your mood

  • Countless longterm health benefits

When these changes occur in the body, rejuvenation can actually happen. We can handle the pressure of life more effectively and with less unnecessary reaction and of course our health improves.

This is an important part of a holistic approach to our overall health. Help the body help itself.

You don’t need to be a meditative trance for an hour a day to feel the difference. Simply choosing to take time out for you and spending the time in a peaceful state will get you there. 10 minutes a day can make all the difference.

When I suffered severe anxiety in the past, I learnt to listen to my body and pause. Deep relaxation techniques were the answer for me. Just a 2-3 sessions a week made a huge difference.

The Relaxation Centre of Queensland (a nonprofit organisation there to offer help to all needing support) is where I learnt theses skills. Life changing stuff.

Janet Muller