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What is Corneotherapy and why do we live by it?

As a therapist working with skin for well over two decades and personally experiencing skin problems from time to time, I have tried too many products to mention, looking for the answer.

For the last 15 years I have wanted to use and work with CLEAN skincare and personal care products and there hasn’t all was been much to choose from. Fortunately these days we have options, maybe too many and it can be quite confusing. 

When I was first introduced to the science of Corneotherapy and dermaviduals I wasn’t ready to take it on board. Too scientific, customised and non-invasive (then how could it work?!)

A few years on and these are the things I love about the philosophy.

Built on science, made for the skin and it’s needs. Best of all it works with the skin, supporting natural functions, not challenging it.

It is all about the natural Barrier, the keys to Corneotherapy;

  • Firstly, we need to know the skin, the structure and functions, the nutrients required for the best condition.

  • Second, restore the natural barrier and recover the Stratum Corneum (very top layer of skin cells).

  • Use physiological ingredients to be accepted by the skin and utilised easily.

  • Customise to specific needs with pure actives.

  • Protect against irritants and allergens .

  • To finally improve overall homeostasis of the skin. 

Thus creating the perfect solution to premature ageing and potential skin problems.

Dermaviduals offers all of these aspects and more. One of the strongest attractions for me as a skin therapist is what is NOT in the products. Free from; emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrance, mineral oils and silicones, colours and amines. These are the most common causes of inflammation in an already disrupted skin barrier. 

The fact is if it wasn’t for Dermaviduals and the way they work I may not be working in this field and Plume Holistic Skin Therapies would certainly not be the same as it is today.

If you want to know how corneotherapy can help you get the best for your skin, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Janet Muller