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Are you over cleansing your skin?

Over cleansing your skin is as potentially damaging as not cleansing at all.

We know it is important to remove potential irritants from the skin ie make-up, sunscreen, dirt and pollutants. However removing too much of the good stuff the skin naturally produces to protect itself, will disrupt healthy skin function. The acid mantle of the skin is the part of the barrier defence and is made up of the sebum secreted from the skin’s oil glands. Strip that away with an over cleansing cleanser and this becomes the first step to compromised skin.

Sensitivities, inflammation, irritation and dehydration can be exacerbated and potentially lead to further problems and disorders.

DMS Cleaning Milk from dermaviduals, cleanses the skin’s surface whilst supporting the barrier. The Cleaning Milk is effective on it’s own, but is often used in our Customised Cleansers in combination with other Dermaviduals cleansers. This creates the ideal product for different skin conditions. Giving the clean fresh feel you love, whilst caring for the skin’s barrier to help create optimal skin health.

A feeling of clean but comfortable is the result we want. Never squeaky clean, “tight” or irritated.

Find out the ideal cleanser for you with a consultation and skin analysis with us to get the best out of your skin cleansing step.

Janet Muller