Skin Health & Sugaring Clinic


How to Exfoliate Safely.

At Plume Holistic Skin Therapies we work in the philosophy of Corneotherapy, this is to keep the outer layer of the skin intact so it remains in the state of homeostasis, meaning balance and continuing healthy function of the skin.

Exfoliating can feel really refreshing and cleansing, however it pay to go carefully and not expose skin cells before they are ready to be the first line of defence.

To keep the balance we use dermaviduals Enzyme Treatment Therapy for our in-clinic treatments. Unlike conventional acid-based peels that impair the homeostasis of the skin and promote onset dehydration, this effective yet gentle enzymatic peel dissolves oils and skin cells that have finished their lifecycle. Thus keeping the balance and promoting better skin health.

Perfect of treating acne, congestion, oily or enlarged pores, hyper pigmentation and inflammation. Only dermaviduals enzyme peels replenish, smooth and refine the skin without leaving it vulnerable and compromised.

Janet Muller