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Why would I try Micro-needling?

Not all micro-needling is the same and the process and result show the difference between one device and practice, to the next.

The advancements and understanding of micro-needling has come along way in the past 2 decades and technicians and clients all benefit.

We have seen improvements in the quality of devices and accessories and in techniques. This has lead to better results for clients and certainly reduced downtime when performed correctly.

Unfortunately, copycats and short cuts taken by produces of devices means there are many incorrect and inferior practices out there.

We have done the research and groundwork to ensure we have the very best in micro-needling devices and protocols in good practice. 

Dermapen 4 is a world leader in skin needling, with precision, speed and adaptability. This means we can control the treatment to influence results like never before. The process is quick and the recovery is speedy and more tolerable then you would expect.

FAQ’s about skin needling.

How does this fit in with holistic skin therapy?

Skin needling stimulates the natural healing and rejuvenation processes in the body. It is non-invasive, with no medication required. This is not injecting foreign matter into the skin.

Does it hurt?

It certainly feels like something is happening, however, with the ability to alter the action of the Dermapen 4 at the touch of a button, this  allows us to adjust to the device accordingly. 

It is so fast, the entire process is done within minutes.

Doesn’t there need to be blood on my face for it to work?

Definitely not. The depth of the needle penetration will depend on the concern we are treating and the area of the face. Gone are the days of no pain no gain!

How long will I look bad for?

Firstly, in most cases in most cases mild redness if the only sign of the needling treatment and the  next morning, majority of any redness has decreased and the skin will feel almost normal. You may notice heat and sweat but certainly nothing unbearable. We instruct you how to care for the skin in the days following.

When will I notice a change in my skin?

This will differ from person to person. For most is within the first week the skin looks more plump and alive. 

The first few days is when the instant healing processes begin as the skin recovers for the skin needling. From day 3 to day 21 the Collagen Induction really kicks in. This a process that cannot be spend up, however the effects last months to years. With the correct skincare and lifestyle, the health of the skin will be supported the results lasting. A follow-up skin needling treatment will be recommended at an appropriate time for the desired result (4-6 weeks).

When doing your own research on the different options out there (and there are many) remember cheaper is never better. The quality, there the cost of a device, the training and protocols followed the technician, the post-treatment care are all important to the outcomes reached.

Contact us to find out if Micro-needling and Dermapen 4 is a good option for you.

Janet Muller