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Micro-needling and the benefits of Dermapen4.

When we add a new treatment to our regime, you can be confident we have researched, investigated and critiqued it thoroughly.

Dermapen 4 has had the same approach from us and the evidence is clear. With millions of treatments performed worldwide, this Australian designed micro needling device is the best of the best. This world-leading technology helps you “Rewrite your Skin History” without side effects or downtime.

Why is micro needling so good and how does it work?

Whenever or skin is injured i.e. cut grazed, immediately the skin goes into repair mode, responding to protect and produces growth factors to heal and rebuild the skin structure.

Micro-needling creates this response in the skin. Stimulating the body’s natural response starting the natural process of repair.

Dermapen 4 delivers outstanding results with minimal if any downtime.

So what skin conditions can it help?



Line and wrinkles

Enlarged pores


Sun damage


Stretch marks

How does this fit in with the holistic approach to skin health?

Micro-needling is a non-invasive treatment that will stimulates parts of the skin cells to produce numerous growth factors to improve and normalise various skin functions. 

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, it allows the body to regrow and repair the skin from the micro damage through the wound healing response. This helps tp stimulate the production of collage and elastin.

Micro needling helps to “Re-function the Skin”.

Plume Holistic Skin Therapies is an authorised treatment provider for Dermapen 4.

Janet Muller