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Take a good look at your eye cream.

We all worry about the skin around ours eyes and different concerns arise; dark circles, lines and wrinkles, bags and puffiness.

The skin is very different in the eye area and it needs to be. It needs the flexibility to move almost constantly with blinking, eye movement and facial expressions. So really the skin will to be structurally different to the skin on the chin for example.

The eyes are a delicate and sensitive organ and the application of products around the eyes should be carefully considered.

With too many ingredients to avoid to list, lets focus on some of the most beneficial and suitable;

Hyaluronic acid- naturally occurring in the skin to help retain moisture, smoothing and hydrating.

Kigelia- helps to strengthen connective tissue, is antibacterial and and antioxidant, repairs and stabilises the skin barrier.

Co Enzyme Q10- is a super antioxidant, it aids in micro-circulation, known for its ability to increase cellular energy and lipid metabolism. It also boosts collagen production.

Meadowfoam seed oil- is a non creeping ceramide aiding in the smooth glide application

Use an eye cream in sparing amounts, a little bit goes a long way. Don’t feel the need to be heavy handed and any irritation, stop use and return to place of purchase.

Janet Muller