Skin Health & Sugaring Clinic


How often should I have LED Light Therapy?

Our LED light therapy works to stimulate the natural functions of the skin cells and is suitable to have everyday. 

The reality is this not possible for most of us (even those of us working at Plume!).

We often recommend clients have a program of treatments to really get on top off a problematic skin. This could be 2-3 treatments in a week or maybe weekly for 4-6 weeks. A series of treatments prior to an event or holiday is an effective way to build up the improved functions of the skin and it will be looking it’s best.

To maintain healthy skin function and appearance having an LED treatment included in your monthly facial great way to go.

Some clients like to be proactive and enjoy an LED treatment before a predictable breakout or flare-up to hormones, illness or stress.

If you are concerned about the effects of the environment on your skin, looking to minimise the viable signs of ageing, minimise breakouts, prolong the effects of your homecare products, LED if for you.

The options are many, but we will always guild you to make the most from our favourite skin health device.

Janet Muller