Skin Health & Sugaring Clinic


Relax and Restore

At Plume we value the opportunity to work with the very best in skincare science and the effective technologies available to analyse skin and it’s behaviour. This allows us to look deeper, to have a better understanding and therefore a very strategic approach to plan the future of your skin, your skin for life.

Just as important as the science and technology we use, so is the need to “slow down” and help the body help itself.

The opportunity for you to switch off and turn down the pace for a while aids your body to recuperate, recharge and simply rest.

Plume Holistic Skin Therapies provides the environment for relaxation and restoration, giving you the “down time” you need.

Let us do the hard work to improve your skin’s health, all you need to do is enjoy the process.

Taking care of oneself has it’s benefits.

Your body will thank you for it.