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Meet Us

Meet us

Having first worked together 20 years ago, Janet and Shelly have a long standing friendship and love working as a team. Together they are continuing to create an environment clients will feel cared for and supported.

Constantly learning more and sharing that knowledge with Plume clients to assist in reaching their skin goals.

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Janet - Founder and Skin Therapist

Plume was created from a need reduce the confusion and disillusionment created by the “beauty industry” for consumers and therapists alike.

After 20 plus years in the industry and for many of those years looking for a better solutions, Janet  saw an opportunity to simplify the  approach to “better looking skin”, by allowing the skin to repair and renew the way it is designed, rather than challenging it to deal with unnecessary ingredients and processes and by looking at product use and composition, nutritional and lifestyle influences. Understanding skin health is so much more than what we see on the surface. 

Janet has always had a keen interest in the systems of the body and is always looking to learn more. Now the advances in research and product development within the health industry give therapists the opportunity to better grow their knowledge and choose the best methods available.

She believes that working with other disciplines and calling on the assistance of allied health professionals assists best results to be reached and more learning comes with every skin challenge.

Having experienced health issues leading to skin problems, Janet can understand the client’s position. Having support and guidance makes all the difference and this where the best results come from, working together to find realistic solutions. 

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Shelly - Senior Skin Therapist

With a passion for helping others and a passion for the science of the skin, this is a dream job for Shelly.

Discovering Dermaviduals and the science of cormenotherapy in 2008 makes her one of the most experienced therapists in Australia in the field.

20 years after entering the industry, Shelly is excited about the direction the industry is headed. With access to new and science base therapies, focusing on complete health and wellness. With a special interest in gut health and hormones in the body and the relationship with skin health, Shelly is dedicate d to helping clients better understand what is happening and how they can best improve the skins behaviour.

Shelly’s nurturing nature means she has a great gift of creating a sense of relaxation and calm during a treatment. Results driven with a thoughtful approach.

“Shelly is a very warming caring soul who is passionate and professional about her craft. She is generous with her time, advise and expertise.” —Jenny (client of 13 years)