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Less painful and fair superior to waxing, Face and Body Sugaring is an age-old method of hair removal dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Using an ALL NATURAL sugar paste, the sugaring technique is more gentle and less irritating and with better results than traditional waxing.

  • It’s natural with no hidden nasty irritants

  • It’s much less painful than waxing

  • Hair can be removed as short as 1.5mm long

  • Ingrown hairs are virtually eliminated

  • Safe to use on all skin types and conditions such as varicose veins, psoriasis and eczema-prone skin.



Customised for your skin needs right now, our facial treatments are the perfect combination of technology and the elements of traditional facials. Feel pampered and cared for in our private and cosy rooms, the perfect environment to relax and leave the work to your therapist. For a quick pick me up or a more indulgent experience we haver the facial just right for you.



Our Enzyme treatment therapy gives a highly effective yet gentle result. Softening, smoothing and anti-inflammatory, this treatment is for all skin types with instant results. 



Help to promote the natural benefits of healthy skin with CIT.

This most effective collagen induction therapy helps to promote smoother, firmer more resilient skin by re-programming the function of the skin. Optimise skin health by triggering growth factors and encourage cellular communication. With the correct preparation and timing, down time is minimal.

Dermal rolling treatments in clinic along with home rolling add to the on going response in the skin, giving the best possible results. 

In addition to oral nutrition and supplements and the use of the most appropriate home skincare, this treatment is the key to maximum effect resulting in healthy, more radiant skin. 

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  • Minimizing fine lines

  • Reducing pore size and improve your skin’s texture

  • Increasing you skins natural collagen formation

  • Scar reduction and acne scarring

  • Strengthening internal structures of your skin

  • As part of a program to treat pigmentation

  • Smoothing congestion



Comprehensive consultation and investigation using the OBSERV diagnostic device allows us to be measure the condition of your skin and understand it's behaviour better.

An in-depth treatment plan is created and ongoing monitoring of the skin allows more accurate product recommendations moving forward and gives a recorded history of the skins health and condition. 


MAX 7 LED (light emitting diode) is a non-invasive, completely painless light therapy device using 7 patented wavelengths to directly rebalance and promote cell function and activity, improve skin tone, diminish fine lines and help improve the over all appearance of our skin. LED light therapy gets results as a stand-alone treatment or as a specific series of treatments (package prices available), LED treatments can help to improve serious conditions with specific wavelengths  stimulating a healing response in the skin. MAX 7 LED is is used in conjunction with other modalities for am overall impact and immediate response from the skin.

Simple, efficient and painless.



Electrolysis is the only permanent method of removing unwanted hair, ideal for small areas such as the chin, eye brow and upper lip and works really well on stubborn white hairs.

Each hair is treated individually with very fine disposable probe that is inserted into the hair follicle.  An electrical current  emitting heat is used to destroy the hair papilla or growth centre of the hair. The sensation differs from person to person but is generally described as short bursts of prickly heat.

Treatment times and frequency of treatments will always vary and this is discussed and decided upon during your consultation with your fully qualified Electrologist.